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Two Queens Explore Feminism and Command Time To Halt


FRESHH Inc Theatre company and Hi-ARTS of the DMV presented two new exciting works created by two local women.

The first, Body of work, written and choreographed by emerging choreographer and dancer, Ebony Ingram is a bold new dance theatre piece that tells the story of our bodies in ways we’ve never explored before. The weaving of how our bodies speak of who and how we are is brought to audience through contemporary and afro modern dance and more.



The second, Name Calling, written and starring Goldie Patrick, is a riveting one-woman show that examines what happens when normalized trauma becomes too much for one woman to bear. But when this day is like no day she’s ever experienced before, will she rage against her routine of silence and acceptance or do something totally unexpected and out of character.This hip hop theatre work filled with music, poetry, and energy, asks us the question, is there a love strong enough to keep you afloat when the world is drowning you?

This will be a short review simply because what has been felt cannot be properly explained using mere words. Accept this review as feminine energy. It will not be drowned in male privilege. Each piece was executed with grace and honesty.

Body of Work, by Ebony Ingram, makes you feel overwhelmed with ACCEPTANCE. It is a rare feeling to honestly just BE, but Ingram invites you to a safe place that she has seemingly created just for you. The raw use of humanism and small mechanisms we encounter daily were the defining touch of the piece. Themes like identity and sexuality matched with mundane tasks like getting out of bed in the morning or just walking down the street made each movement feel and look like dialog.

Ebony has a peculiar eye and understanding for music and the body. We believe that she is a force to be reckoned with in the DMV area. Ingram brings new light to contemporary and modern dance. She has her own insight and vision that succeed technique and basic concepts. Her music choices were different and energizing. She knew right where she wanted to place you and why. There was not one moment that you could feel alone. Her work is comforting. Tears flowed throughout the entire piece. It made you want to stand up and say, “Ain’t I a woman?” even if you aren’t.

Goldie Patrick’s ‘Name Calling’ is such a lesson. Most wouldn’t know what to expect from a one-woman show, but Goldie’s point of view needs no introduction. She got down-right personal and relatable the instant she opened her mouth on that lonely box that served as the entire set. Through a multiplicity of light transitions, unique shapes, and digital media Goldie drew out emotions.

Men need to see this show! As sensitive as some men can be to the needs of women, there is still so much to know. Patrick revealed that she studies Yoruba Gods and that she utilized their energy to pull the production together. It made complete sense. It is important for us to get back in touch with the roots of our spirituality. Goldie is a revolutionary poet capable of sparking movements. Her unique yet common purview is just what the black community needs as we strive to understand each other more.

She acknowledged that she was a savior that sometimes needs saving or just to be left alone so the light can be let in. All in all it was powerful.




  1. These two emerging Queens have my applause and appreciation. Having experienced Ebony Ingram’s gifts as a pre-eminent Artist, I agree with every accolade in the article. Much continued success!

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