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  1. Encore!!!! I had the pleasure of attending the 7:30 pm showing of Harriet. The performance far exceeded my expectations. The cast brought it! The talent and passion displayed in tonight’s performance was indescribable. I was so moved that I didn’t want it to end. Thank you for letting your little lights shine and sharing your gift.

  2. These two emerging Queens have my applause and appreciation. Having experienced Ebony Ingram’s gifts as a pre-eminent Artist, I agree with every accolade in the article. Much continued success!

  3. Thanks…that piece was a powerful reminder that we do pander to popularity and that this is not how we should play it. its not about Monique and wheher she just started or didnt..its about fairness and equality. Half a million may sound alot but look at the differences in payment its disgusting and none of us should think that is ok…
    Living in the UK sometimes means these arguments fly past my head- sometimes i dont always recognise the names n the shows, but i believe a thousand percent she should be paid the equivalent to orhers. in her case its not just about being paid the same as men but also as white women…keep speeking OUT!

  4. Monique paved the way for those million dollar women of the millenium…it is an insult to her talent and capabilities to underpay and keep her in the back…money answers all things…this only says the industry knows to withhold her financially will keep her quiet among those who support her…WRONG…It only add fuel to her mindset…one thing you NEVER do is create a reason for WOMAN of any race to cry RAPE…I applaud Monique and Tracey for their strength.

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