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    We want to know how you feel after the events that have taken place on 11/9.

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    Honestly i have no words, my brain wouldn’t let me sleep.
    i just laid here all night thinking researching
    it’s so much that effects me with a republican house senate and president.

    My Employment
    the 3 business i own
    my arts and entertainment career

    and i don’t think people have truly realized all these things
    i have questions that need to be address in particular to the crowd of RELIGIOUS Black folk, 1 who refused to vote 2 who state God is in control.
    the young adults who were with Bernie and wrote in or voted green.

    we have joked about getting the fuck out of dodge and using passports to escape or being shipped back to africa. but the reality is america created this monster and the next 4 years i’m going off the grid. it’s time to save, rethink regroup, and research. if it’s never been a time where we as artist and black artist need to come together and really create change and make some noise and actually stick to the plan and follow through that time is now.

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