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For Sisters Everywhere

What’s up, sister,
Heard you were feeling kinda down,
So, I figured I’ll stop by,
Say a few words,
Lift up your spirit,
But first, get a mirror,
Take a good look at yourself,

There’s something about your hair,
The nappiness of it,
The kinkiness of it,
The toughness of it,
The curliness of it,
The Blackness of it,
Be proud of it,
It’s a glorious crown,
Wear it how you want it,
You’re a queen,

There’s something about your eyes,
Their ability to communicate,
They’re a wondrous glow,
You’re a light,

Oh, there’s something about your lips,
The wisdom they speak,
The truth they utter,
The strength they offer,
The sexiness they exude,
They’re a blessing,
You’re a treasure,

There’s something about your strides,
The confidence in them,
The courage in them,
The sassiness in them,
The leadership in them,
They’re a redemptive pathway,
You’re a leader,

Sister, there’s something about your skin,
The melanin it it,
The beauty of it,
The strength it wields,
The magic in it,
It’s a masterpiece,
You’re a wonder,

How can I forget about your soul,
It’s beautiful,
It’s resilient,
It’s spiritual,
It’s excellent,
It’s an awesome wonder,
You’re the creator’s finest.

So, the next time you feeling down,
I’d like you to come back to these words,
Remind yourself who you are,
A queen,
A light,
A treasure,
A leader,
A wonder,
The creator’s finest,
Dang, girl! That’s too much sauce,
Now pick yourself back up and press on,
You got some slayage to do,
The world thirsts for your magic,
Yeah, your Black girl magic,
Rock on, sister,
You’re a Black Girl. Always remember that.

-For Sisters Everywhere, from the Love Notes collection.

When I sat down to write For Sisters Everywhere, it was about uplifting and celebrating black women. It’s a new year. Tag a sister who needs to be reminded of this. Share. Inspire. Uplift.

Lysious Ogolo

Available 2/14/2018

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