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Of course season 2 will start with a bang. Our favorite modern black girl who may be a little “awkward” (see what I did there) is back. 

If you are not on the ISSA RAE train then boo you’re for sure not bound for glory land, and for sure not living the black young artist dream.

Issa and crew are back and I’m here for it. So of course we ended last season with “Are you team Issa or Lawrence?” And honestly I was team ISSA and you will deal. 

The new season opened upbeat and funky as we all dreamed it would point blank it was LIT.

Issa is still for sure heartbroken that Lawrence left her to bang out the big breast bank teller Tiffany, in which 

Lawrence’s boy that he’s couch surfing with tells Lawrence “She’s just a piece of ass and that’s all, it’s clock work. You’re in on Friday out on Sunday.” We all need that one friend that will help us realize how dumb of a hoe we look, when we are just chasing pussy or dick to fill a missing hole in our heart.

Issa fills her time without BAE (Lawrence)  around her girls, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m glad at the end of season 1 her and Molly worked things out. You don’t have good friends unless you fall out at least twice in your friendship. 

If you are a fan of the show I’m sure you love Molly as much as you love Issa. Molly deals with sexism in her law practice she works in finding out one of the white partners makes a whole lot more than she does and he literally does nothing as he states it. I mean where is the BLACK GIRL MAGIC ….. 

Black girls just can’t get a break they put in the education hours just like the other race and yet still unappreciated. Issa is still working for We Got Y’all, and of course the white people are still doing their usual bullshit they do in non-profit organizations making the black man/woman do all the inner city work with limited help or recourses. 

Of course we all say well girl just quit and find something else, but we love what we do and we’re here for the kids. 

Best scene of the night Issa throws a lil kick back at her place in hopes that Lawrence will come pick up his mail. I swear I love Issa’s thinking tactics about how to get her man back. The party end up literally blowing up in flames and not because lawrence showed up. 

We all have that one kick back we go to and someone shows up with a crew that wasn’t originally invited (inserts hard SIDE EYE) they change the vibe of the kick back asking you for wi-if passwords and what’s the name of your bluetooth speaker so they can “bump they playlist” NIGGA NAW leave my neo-soul tidal playlist alone and sat down. By the end of the night after no luck of hooking up with anyone from the kick-back a knock strikes the door and it’s none other than Lawrence. Stop before you continue to judge yes she opened the door. Wouldn’t you? I won’t spoil the episode but Lawrence did get his mail and something else.

You can join the rest of us and live the truth of your reality of being awkward and black through ISSA every Sunday Evening at 10:30PM EST on HBO or on HBOGO 

Frederick Alphonso –

Staff Writer 

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