What a wonderful Sunday night, As millions of us tuned into the  annual event of the award season the 89th Oscars. Of course, we had our fingers crossed and our hearts filled with joy awaiting the results in the top categories. Overall it was a fun night and full of so much MELLIAN. My GOD the gorgeous beautiful black people that were on that front row, just breath taking. If anything, Sunday night taught me to DREAM AGAIN, and not to give up on that DREAM. The show was very enjoyable. From the opening with Justin Timberlake who I think we have just adopted as black? Maybe? Okay maybe not, But he is a FINE white boy. Along with great performances, great fashion Janelle Monáe was for sure the best dressed, along with Pharell Williams (who is also BAE) the stars were aligned and the Moon was for sure LIT! 😉 see what I did there.


We did think that Sunday night Lin-Manuel Miranda (Writer/Composer of Hamilton An American Musical) would make history as the youngest person to receive the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) honor.  However it wasn’t his time. But the for sure surprise of the night was the sweet innocent people Gary from Chicago & his wife who were on a Hollywood Tour Bus. Walked their way right onto the Oscars staged and History was sure made. Selfies with Denzel Washington, talking to Jimmy Kimmel, just made the night more joyous. We all knew that mother Viola Davis had this one in the bag in for sure and she bagged it and brought the Oscar home. Can we just pause for a moment and discuss Ms. Davis! No words I literally have no words, for what that woman give from her soul! VI we need a master class from you ASAP! The way she reads the way she speaks the way she snots! Literally no words. She was stunningly beautiful in red and that acceptance speech, WOW! Someone please remind me that I need all her award acceptance speeches in a book that sits o my coffee table! Talk about words to live by!  Mahershala Ali was also a history maker being the first Muslim to win a Oscar for his performance in Moonlight, His speech was also amazing he said.  “It’s not about you, It’s about the characters.” Again, Words to live by! Talk about quotes to put on the wall! Am I the only person who has a wall full of quotes and Broadway posters? Don’t leave me out here yal!


My favorite award of the night was seeing Barry Jenkins take home best adapted Screenplay! This award literally shook me and reminded me “Hey you It’s possible! Get up and create your own destiny. Nobody is going to hand it to you!” Barry being a Miami native and writing the actual play “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue” while living in Chicago! Chi Town Stand Up!

It’s amazing to know what patience and prayer can do. And of course the talk of social media Sunday night and all day Monday was the FLUB of the night  BEST PICTURE! How does this happen for those of us who work in production I’m sure that stage hand was fired on the spot poor baby will never again work in the business, EVER! Sir/Ma’am You had ONE JOB  hand the presenter the correct envelope. Many sites are raving about how we “Moonlight”  was snubbed with the mix up but I’m not going to give in to that energy! We won fair and square it was on the right card!


Overall amazing night, great fashion, inspiration to those who are yet trekking our way on up the entertainment ladder. I encourage all of you to keep pushing, keep dreaming, and focus on the work! If you keep your focus on the work you stay busy, you stay out of trouble, you create and make connections when you focus. I can’t wait to celebrate some of you like I celebrated those I don’t know but they feel like family! Congrats to all the nominees and to the winners it’s fair to say #oscarblackout.


For Bring It Black

Frederick Alphonso


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