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#BlackGirlMagic: Why ‘Girl’s Trip’ is the Most Important Movie You’ll See About Black Women


This past weekend, beginning July 21st, droves of beautiful Black Women and people who love them descended upon theaters. Together they championed the all Black-woman lead, R-rated, live action comedy, ‘Girl’s Trip’, to a very respectable $30 Million Dollar opening weekend and to #2 at the box office. The film’s success is all the more impressive when you consider that the movie’s budget was a small fraction of most of its competitors at a humble $19 Mil, and showed on about 40% less screens than the other top 5 box office competitors, including the weeks leader, “Dunkirk”.

Despite the irrefutable success of this feel-good, summer hit, the importance of ‘Girl’s Trip’ goes far beyond the numbers. It is bigger than the laughs, which are EPIC.

#BlackGirlMagic is on full-on unapologetic display in this knee-slapping comedy, and for that reason, and that reason alone, it instantly becomes the most important film you’ve ever seen or might ever see about Black women. Yes, more important than movies like ‘Hidden Figures’ or ‘The Color Purple’ or even ‘Roots’. Now before you stone me and close whatever browser from which you’re reading, hear me out.

For years, we’ve been comfortable seeing Black Women struggle, suffer, be oppressed, raped, broken, or discriminated against. We’ve told ourselves that these were a tribute to their strength, to their resilience. This is all true, but by proxy, we have taught our girls and women that they must endure pain, abuse, and brokenness in order to be great. This narrative is toxic and dangerous to melanin-laced sisters everywhere.

What ‘Girl’s Trip’ hysterically and effortlessly shows us, is that Black women, are magic by their very existence. From the board room storming, power deal wielding, Oprah archetype, beautifully embodied by the gorgeous Ryan Pierce (played by Regina Hall) to the ratchet, job-hopping, life of the party, Dina–played by the film’s breakout star Tiffany Haddish , we are shown that these women don’t have to “DO” anything to be great, other than be their authentic, magical selves. When we learn to value Black women for the worth of who they are, rather than the worth of “what they do” or “who they are associated with” we can truly reach a place where misogynoir meets it’s demise. In this movie, we are reminded that Black women are allowed to be sexual, fun, care-free, happy, sad, confused, or even irresponsible and that doesn’t diminish their magical greatness, and more importantly, that it add to it.

Girl’s Trip was side-splitting from start to finish. The film was thoroughly sexy, even giving us a glimpse of the very rare, male frontal nudity. Adding depth and grit, acting veterans Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith, gave us range and layers from which we could get our cinematic life! Lord knows that between Queen Sugar star, Kofi Siribo and the vampiric, ever youthful Larenz Tate, plus the radiant main cast there was more than enough eye-candy for all of us to feast on. It has laughs, lots of laughs, and a few tender moments. Overall, Bring it Black rates this film as a must see and gives it 2 BLACK ASS Thumbs up!!!


Written by Tyson Isaiah Evans

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